Untitled Short Documentary Demo

Last fall I interviewed my dad during a short trip we took to Israel, where he’s from. In Israel my dad grew up in something called a kibbutz, a small agriculturally based community where everyone lives together, works together and everyone is in theory equal, essentially a socialist commune.

Growing up on the kibbutz my dad was an athlete, he was an elite track & field athlete, and with this film I’d like to use my dad’s story of being an athlete growing up on the kibbutz as the framework to tell the overall story of the kibbutz itself, and look at how this socialist experiment was implemented, the realities of sustaining those socialist ideals in a capitalist world and what lessons, if any we can take from the kibbutz’s model of socialism to apply to our own shifting political landscape here in the States.

The last few minutes of the demo will be a little stylistically and tonally different than the rest of the piece, as it’s from a past class assignment, but I did want to include it because it’s an important part of my dad’s story.

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