I’m a digital storyteller with a focus on documentary film and podcasting. With a background in improvisational and sketch comedy, I enjoy infusing my work with wit and levity.

I spent many years working in the world of social services before transitioning to the creative realm, and I believe that through digital media platforms we have the ability to create exposure and awareness, allowing for empathy and understanding and the possibility of effective, long-term change.

I’ve lived and worked in a number of places, including stints as a vocational social worker in Michigan, a farm hand in Israel, an English teacher in South Korea, a communications advisor in Myanmar and a filmmaker in Chicago.

I’ve found that humor is a universal language that can serve as a way to make heavy or stressful topics more accessible and approachable. Shared laughter allows people to connect on a deeper level and feel a sense of sameness, and it is this sense of connectivity and togetherness I hope to impart in my work.

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