• Thyroid cancer diagnosis after neck dissection, 5 lymph nodes removed
I got the diagnosis a week before my birthday and had already been planning on getting a tattoo for the occasion. So, instead of getting the originally intended birthday tattoo, after the cancer cells were removed from my body I turned around got those same cancer cells tattooed on my body. It seemed appropriate.

• Total thyroidectomy, parathyroid relocation, removal of 17 lymph nodes

Seroma develops

• First semester Loyola University Chicago, MA Digital Media & Storytelling

• Radioactive iodine treatment (RAI), temporarily radioactive, with the possible acquirement of super powers

• Radioactive Update: No special or ‘super’ powers have developed yet, but I am still holding out hope. Because of the high dose of radioactive radiation I received I had to stay away from people for a week. My cats I could be around for a bit, but limited contact was best and I wasn’t to touch their food or water. I call this photo: “When you’re radioactive and still need to feed your cats”


• Sense of taste is gone, replaced by weird metallic taste. Gross. This is supposed to be a temporary side effect, lasting from a few weeks to a few months. Oy.

• Sense of taste has returned! And all other un-fun side effects of radiation are pretty much gone
• First semester of grad school successfully completed
December 16 marks 6 months since cancer diagnosis

• Now receiving care from Northwestern and I’m pretty excited about it
• Second semester of grad school begins
• After a few years away, I’m dipping my toe back into the improv comedy waters