Hello Hello!
Person. Michigander. Writer. I like people, places and things. And I’m attempting to experience as many people, places and things as I can. Sometimes I write about these people, places and things. Occasionally awkward. Often hungry. Always open.
Finding the funny is my mission. I’ve spent most of my life making others laugh and giving them a helping hand. Or at least I’d like to think that’s what I’ve been up to these past few decades. I’d like to continue in that same vein (which is a phrase better spoken than written. The sound of it I like, the look, not as much). I’m a communicator, a student, a teacher, a social worker, an improviser, a traveler, a creator, an adventurous eater and a wannabe writer. My imagination is often times bigger than my reality and I’m pretty ok with that.
I’m embarking on a new career, a change of life and this is the area I’ll be doing that in. I’ll wrote maybe a few more sentence, not too long, but long enough to get my point across and then I’ll wrap it here and just a few more notes
Maybe I should do bullet pont?